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Metalizing, Coatings & Linings in Brantford

We are equipped to apply conventional coatings such as alkyds, standard epoxies, plural component epoxies, zinc riches, polyurethanes and waterborne products.

Tank Coatings & Linings

Coatings are a critical component in tank protection. We apply sprayed coating and lining systems that perform within a range of physical and chemical environments. Blastech is committed to a quality assurance program that ensures a successful coating application to warranty the corrosion protection of your tank or vessel.

Tank types coated at Blastech:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Fracking Tanks
  • Potable Water Tanks
  • Petrochemical Tanks
  • Heat Exchangers/Deaerators

Internal coatings or linings are required to protect against the storage of chemicals, gases, vapor, liquids or sludge. Blastech has applied a vast range of products such as 3M Scotchkote; International Ceilkote, Environline, Interline; Carboline Plasite, Polyclad, Phenoline; and many more. Brant, another division of the TF Warren Group also located in Brantford, can apply rubber linings if required.

It is essential to have a strict HS&E procedure when applying linings in confined spaces.

Tank Coating

Blastech ensures all safety protocol is followed to protect its applicators as well as process customer material efficiently.

Exterior processing varies from single coats for insulation at site to more intense multi-coat systems. Blastech will prepare the surface by abrasive blasting as required by the specified protective coating system. Typical exterior coatings applied to vessels are: metalizing/thermal spray, epoxy phenolic, Novolac epoxy, zinc and/or polyurethane.

Blastech has processed a wide range of vessel sizes from 50 lbs. to over 130,000 lbs. A large facility equipped with a variety of cranes and rail access ensures safe and efficient handling of all material. A range of equipment also allows us to blast and coat to virtually any specification.


Structural Steel Services

Structural steel is one of the most commonly used substrates in commercial and industrial building fabrication. Whether the project is a pre-engineered building, a conventional structure or an architectural masterpiece, Blastech is the ideal professional coating application facility to entrust with your corrosion protection needs.

The exposure of structural steel to the elements varies greatly; therefore, the ideal coating system does as well. For example, for weathering steel we can just apply abrasive blasting with no protective coating, which removes mill scale and allows it to rust for aesthetic purposes. The carbon steel can also be blasted to a desired cleanliness specification (ie. SSPC-SP6 and SSPC-SP10 as the most common), with the option to proceed with a protective coating application.

Corrosion protection can be achieved using a single coat such as alkyd, epoxy, enamel, Class B non-slip; or a more resilient protection can be applied using a combined system such as zinc, epoxy and polyurethane or better still thermal spray, epoxy, polyurethane.

Another form of protection that can be applied to structural steel is fireproofing. When properly calculated and applied, fireproofing can increase the longevity of the steel’s life during a fire to prevent building collapse.

Blastech provides protective coatings for the mining industry, engineering firms; and to commercial, industrial, municipal & private sectors. Successful projects have been completed for Butler Buildings, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, Hatch and SNC Lavalin.

Structural Steel Services

Blastech is an approved applicator for:


Benefits of structural steel coatings at Blastech:

  • Fast lead time on large scale projects
  • Large capacity for multiple loads at one time
  • Pre-engineered and conventional structures
  • Drop trailers for sequence processing of loads

Corrosion Resistant Protective Coatings Applications

Blastech has the experience, the equipment and personnel to apply all types of corrosion resistant protective coatings to any surface.

We are equipped with conventional, HVLP, airless, air-assisted airless and electrostatic spray equipment. This equipment is used to apply conventional coatings such as alkyds, epoxies, zinc riches, polyurethanes and water borne products.

As coating manufacturers developed state of the art products such as high solids and zero VOC epoxies and polyurethanes that require special heated plural component application equipment, Blastech met the challenge with a wide variety of equipment. Our ability to apply these unique products offer corrosion engineers the opportunity to specify tough, thick film coatings capable of being applied in single coat applications to resist the most corrosive and abrasive environments.

Our in house engineering department has developed automated spray equipment to handle large projects to ensure we achieve the highest level of quality and productivity to maximize our efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our Blastech quality system ensures our capability to provide processing and application to comply with any international standard.

Benefits of coating applications by Blastech:

  • Capability of applying all types of corrosion resistant protective coatings
  • Wide variety of application equipment
  • Meeting the challenges of the evolution of coatings
  • Safety and quality programs in place


Metalizing (Thermal Spray)

Metalizing or thermal spray is the process of applying a hot molten metal coating to perform as a self-sacrificing layer of protection to prevent the corrosion of the steel substrate. Blastech has had great experience in applications of zinc and aluminum protective coatings; however, we are also equipped to apply zinc-aluminum alloy and other alloys.

Metalizing is a form of corrosion protection that has been known for many years but has recently become more prominent due to the longevity of protection the coating can offer. When used in an appropriate coating system, thermal spray can contribute to a 40 year lifespan for some projects.

The first step to ensure a successful application is abrasive cleaning. Steel grit and aluminum oxide provide the sharp, angular and deep profile required to achieve maximum adhesion.

Through the use of our electric arc metalizing equipment, the metal is applied at a thickness as low as 4 mils dft to as high as 20 mils dft. Metalizing is generally followed by an application of a seal coat of either an epoxy or a polyurethane to provide both aesthetic and additional corrosion protection value.

Thermal spray (TSA) and metalizing in Ontario has been very active in the wind energy industry. Blastech was awarded a significant high volume project to sandblast and metalize wind turbine hubs (to read more see our projects page) to be used for numerous wind farms that will be erected over the next few years as Canada works towards clean energy.

As a result of the successful protection for the hubs project, Blastech was recently awarded a new contract to sandblast and metalize bedplates that will also be used in the assembly of wind turbines. More information for the bedplates will be available as this project progresses.


Approved metalizing applicators for

Benefits of metalizing/TSA at Blastech

  • High production metalizing equipment
  • Successful large volume metalizing projects
  • Wide range of metalizing metal types
  • Thorough NACE III QA to ensure lifespan of coating
  • Safety and quality programs in place
  • Knowledge and experience with all facets

Pipeline Service

Blastech performs coating applications for pipelines carrying materials such as: natural gas, crude, shale, jet fuel and various other substances. Based on the corrosion protection requirements of these materials, our trained applicators apply a coating solution using a system of coatings or linings to protect the interior and exterior of the pipe spools.

Every coating solution begins with the appropriate surface preparation. We ensure the steel is free of contaminants prior to protecting noted areas and then proceeding with abrasive blast cleaning. Our surface preparation equipment can blast clean both interior and exterior surfaces of pipe using automated steel grit, or, mineral abrasives such as black beauty, white lightning, garnet, aluminum oxide or others as required.

Once we have achieved the designated level of cleanliness and depth of profile to ensure the required level of adhesion, Blastech skillfully applies the specified coatings to both the interior and exterior surfaces utilizing application equipment with a variety of special spray heads. Our heated, plural component application equipment enables us to apply high build elastomerics, epoxies (including potable water epoxies and Denso 100% solids epoxy) and urethanes to the film thickness specified. We successfully apply various other coatings such as alkyds, enamels, polyureas, and polysiloxanes on a regular basis.

Pipeline Service

Blastech is an approved applicator for

Blastech also offers total project management. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff will arrange freight, get the best price from all major coating manufacturers, coordinate production to adjust to site schedules, communicate with third party inspectors and assign storage to ensure all aspects of your project are organized.

The large 10 acre site hosts a 100,000+ square feet coating facility to ensure that your largest pipe project can be coated on time to the highest quality standard. Our industry leading quality program utilizes in-house NACE Level 3 certified inspectors to ensure that our customer specifications are met or exceeded.

Blastech is the #1 recommended approved applicator in Ontario for TransCanada (TCPL), Enbridge, Union Gas, Suncor and other pipeline companies.

Benefits of pipe coatings by Blastech

  • Ability to process small to large diameter pipe
  • Interior & exterior applications of coatings and linings
  • CN Rail access allows for handling oversize fabrications
  • Quality assurance through NACE and SSPC certifications

Renewable Energy

Blastech has long been the preferred coating applicator for renewable energy projects as we are approved vendors for GE, Siemens, OPG & Quebec Hydro, as well as many others. Our organized project management & thorough quality assurance ensure accurate lead time & a superior coating application.



“Canada is a world leader in the production and use of energy from renewable resources. Renewable energy sources currently provide about 16.9% of Canada’s total primary energy supply.

Moving water is the most important renewable energy source in Canada, providing 59% of Canada’s electricity generation. Wind is the second most important renewable energy source in Canada. It accounts for 1.6% of electricity generation in Canada.

Wind and solar photovoltaic energy are the fastest growing sources of electricity in Canada.”


With these statistics in mind, Blastech has been very competitive in obtaining long term contracts for wind and solar energy projects in Ontario.

A large volume order for 400+ wind turbine hubs was completed throughout 2013-2014 with a highly specialized coating system to ensure a minimum 40 year warranty. The durability of the coating is essential for the large wind turbines that are exposed to harsh elements such as water, humidity, and sunlight. Using a system of zinc thermal spray, epoxy, and polyurethane, the turbines have a much better resistance to corrosion requiring less downtime for maintenance.

Another large volume order for 150+ solar frames was completed throughout 2014 and will continue into 2015. The epoxy coated structural steel frames will house the maintenance buildings located at each solar farm.

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