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Protective Coatings and Fireproofing

For years, Blastco has gained credibility through its strong presence in the refinery industry as a new and maintenance field abrasive blaster and applicator of protective coatings.

Blastco's history for high performance coatings began with field applications for aboveground water storage tanks. After years of quality service, Blastco expanded into other more complex fabrications and coating systems such as petro chemical tanks, bridges and high temperature furnace units.

For example, the Mojave Desert in California is now being converted from unusable space to a wealth of naturally restoring energy. Hundreds of solar panels are resting on structural steel frames in the desert. Part of the process includes pipes that carry water that is heated with the harvested solar energy and transport it where needed. The structural steel frames and pipes have been sandblasted and painted, in the field, by Blastco with a high performance protective coating that will last for decades to come – estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 400,000 tons per year.

Blastco utilizes the latest technology, including paperless documentation software, ensuring quality control on every project. Field communication and reporting is improved using TruQC; every project follows a designed workflow, a systematic approach to documentation regulation and reporting cascading from top to bottom. Integrating the TruQC App has streamlined project management, communication and increased efficiency.


Regardless of the type or scale of the project, Blastco is self-sufficient for all aspects of new, maintenance and repair work for field surface preparation and coatings & linings applications.


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  • Alternative Fuels
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