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About Duratech Systems

Solving all your abrasion and corrosion problems with Protective Coatings

We can line tanks of any shape and size - from one to one million gallons. We can protect pipes, mixers, and intricate components. Literally, any place our hands will fit, we can line.

If you are looking for one source to handle all your tank needs, look no further than Duratech Systems. You’ll get prompt service and quality applications.


Experience matters

We take a lot of pride in our people and with good reason. They take a lot of pride in their work serving customers throughout North America. We focus on excellent customer service and pride ourselves on offering customers with turn-key, custom solutions.

Our field crews come in and get the job done quickly and efficiently with minimum downtime for your production or processing line.


Duratech Systems

We line the inside of anything!

Duratech Systems provides lining services to industries where corrosion and abrasion problems exist.

Our services extend across many industries including the chemical, food, power, steel, medical, biological, waste and many more. Our company has grown to a worldwide business serving customers throughout North America.

Duratech Systems performs on-time, defect-free work that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations. We strive to implement improvements in our processes that will provide increased value to our customers and result in new best practices.



  • Process Tanks
  • Water Treatment Tanks
  • Field Linings
  • Transport Trailers
  • Fan Housings
  • Agitators
  • Scrubbers
  • Pipes and Fittings
  • Plating Tanks
  • Pickle Tanks
  • Floor Co
  • Painting
  • DOT Inspections
  • Tank Fabrication
  • Roll Coverings


  • Soft Natural Rubber
  • Semi-Hard and Hard Natural Rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Fiberglass
  • Butyl
  • Chlorobutyl
  • PVC/Koroseal
  • Nitrile
  • TriFlex*
  • Epoxy Linings
  • Paint Coatings



Duratech Systems Equipment:

  • 12’ Dia. x 50’ Long Autoclave
  • 54” Dia. x 54” Long Autoclave
  • 15’ x 55’ and 24’ x 40’ Gritblast Rooms
  • Portable Sandblasters
  • Truck Fleet
  • Cold Storage for Rubber
  • 10-ton Overhead Crane
  • 2-ton Overhead Crane
  • Poreba manual lathe, swing over bed 32”, between centers 312”, Remco SH 1200 series medium speed profile grinder attachment
  • Bertram manual lathe, swing over bed 26”, between centers 192”
  • Remco Universal strip builder USB 250




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About Atlas Tank

Atlas Tank offers new-build aboveground storage tank construction and maintenance & repair services for existing structures. We are equipped with expert staff who utilize modernized programs, resources, shared services, and equipment to ensure projects are completed with an emphasis on safe work practices, quality, and schedule.

For each project we complete, we continuously seek the lowest costs, highest efficiency, and the safest practices so your project has the best opportunity to be successful. We use this strategy and motivation to deliver superior customer service and maintain strong business relationships with our customers.


Union Contractor

We are a union contractor who is signatory to the NTD Boilermakers Agreement for both new construction and tank repair.


About TF Warren Transportation

We are under construction. This section is coming soon!


Welcome to Emission Shield™

For the most environmentally friendly safe, and cost effective solution to reduce vapor loss , install Emission shield aluminum internal floating roofs in your above ground storage tanks.


    75% reduction in vapor loss vs skin and pontoon roof designs.


    Fully API 650 Annex H Code compliant.

  • SAFE

    Significantly reduces fire danger.

Emission Shield™ Features

The best solution for reducing product loss in storage tanks.

  • Innovative

    Sets the standard for best available technology.

  • Express

    25% less installation time.

  • Neatness

    98% less weld length immersed in product.

  • Design

    Streamlined design and efficiency of construction.

  • Cost Effective

    40% fewer panels to erect and weld.

  • Efficiency

    80% less rim butt welds.

How it works

We ensure quality & support for an innovative solution in the storage tank industry.

Emission Shield™ is a full contact aluminum internal floating roof (IFR) system engineered to significantly reduce carbon footprint over traditional steel and aluminum internal floating roofs. Additionally, Emission Shield™ virtually eliminates vapor space under the floating roof, significantly reducing fire danger. Emission Shield™ sets the standard for best available technology (BAT) and is fully API 650 Annex H Code compliant.

Tank owners will appreciate Emission Shield's features and benefits over competing products because of the streamlined design and efficiency of construction. Installation time is reduced because there are 40% fewer panels to erect and weld on a typically sized roof. With 0% emission deck seams, vapor loss is reduced by 75% when compared to traditional skin and pontoon roofs. Emission Shield has 98% less weld length immersed in the product than competing products (4" vs. 20' per panel). This allows for more focused and rigorous NDE of the wetted (critical) area and vastly reduces the possibility of "hot panels" being created by product incursion.

The Emission Shield™ floating roof incorporates the inherent buoyancy advantage of closed chamber floating roofs over raft style floating roofs while significantly reducing or eliminating the potential for product incursion into the closed compartments. Our design has approximately 80% less rim butt welds than competitors resulting in longer more stable rims. Emission Shield's low profile coupled with its cable suspension maximizes tank storage capacity.


See our Presentation

About Tarsco

TARSCO is a Leader in Energy Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance

Maintaining a modern, flexible and secure network of storage facilities is essential to delivering affordable and reliable energy to businesses and consumers, promoting growth across all sectors of the economy. Tarsco is a major player with regard to building and maintaining energy infrastructure in countries that are concerned with job creation, growth and competitiveness throughout the economy. Over the last four decades, Tarsco has consistently grown in size and expanded services to provide terminal owners a complete solution to meet these goals.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technical processes, Tarsco works diligently with customers to create a successful project with a high focus on safety for everyone. As a result of Tarsco’s growth and continuous training in the latest technology, we have garnered awards from the Steel Tank Institute (STI/SPFA) for projects that exhibited a high level of expertise in construction of tanks storing various products. Read more about these STI awards.

Terminal Expansion, Distillation Facility, Galveston, TX



As a full-service provider for storage tanks and terminals, Tarsco delivers turnkey solutions to meet facility requirements. From concept through design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction, Tarsco delivers the highest quality services which have earned our customers’ confidence and is the reason they return to us for repeat projects.

With operations located throughout the Western Hemisphere, Tarsco is well positioned to deliver unsurpassed service to our domestic and international clients. Using our engineering, procurement, and construction approach (EPC), we utilize the expertise of our professional teams with our single point of contact project management system to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our engineers are experts in API standards including 650, 620, and 653 as well as NFPA, AWWA, ASME Section VIII, and National Board Stamp “R” repairs. Tarsco integrates best practices in the areas of health, safety, and environmental protection along with schedule adherence, quality products and services through the utilization of its project management/operating systems to provide total customer satisfaction.


Turnkey Terminals

API Storage Tanks

LPG API 620 Tanks and Atmospheric API 650 Tanks, Texas

ASME Spheres

Repair and Maintenance

Tarsco has served industrial clients for over 40 years providing EPC turnkey solutions for above ground storage tanks and terminals. Tarsco specializes in engineering, construction, repair, maintenance services and are experts in API standards including 650, 620, and 653 as well as NFPA, AWWA, ASME Section VIII, and National Board Stamp “R” repairs. With global operations, Tarsco is well positioned to deliver unsurpassed service to our domestic and international clients.

Tarsco's professional management team offers a single source of contact to ensure their project is successful by being on schedule and on budget. Stringent Health, Safety, and Environmental policies are a major factor in the success of our projects. Tarsco's goal is to achieve zero incidents with no time away from the project, and this is accomplished by adhering to HS&E policies, in-depth training, and holding everyone accountable for safety. The result is a safer workplace for all as we strive to exceed our clients' expectations.


Why employ Tarsco?

  • Welded storage tank systems with proven expertise in turnkey terminal and large scale projects
  • Tank fabrication and construction
  • Tank repair and maintenance
  • Tank Insulation
  • Full service contractor
  • Service throughout the Western Hemisphere

Raising a tank dome roof
(more than 200 tons) with 0.13 psig air pressure!

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