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Product Specifications

Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation

Feature: R-value of 6 to 6.5 per inch of thickness.
Benefit: One of the highest R-values available, resulting in less thickness needed to achieve desired thermal performance.
Lowers cost for owner to maintain process temperatures.
Feature: Foil facers on both sides.
Benefit: Adds additional R-Value by reflecting radiant heat.
It’s a moisture barrier to help prevent costly tank corrosion.
Feature: Foil on the top edges of foam insulation.
Benefit: Additional precaution to prevent moisture penetration.
Feature: Closed-cell foam.
Benefit: Moisture Resistance.
<0.3 perm water vapor transmission.
<1% water absorption.
Feature: Compressive strength of 20psi to 25psi (pounds per sq. inch)
Benefit: Handles higher roof loads than fiber insulation to allow foot traffic.

Standing-Seam Construction

  • Machine-formed, double-locking, standing seam.
  • Watertight to help prevent tank corrosion.
  • No exposed screws to leak or loosen resulting in high maintenance cost.
  • Superior wind load resistance.
  • Produces an aesthetically appealing tank.
  • Can eliminate the need for costly scaffolding, resulting in quick installation.
  • Expansion and contraction are uniformly absorbed along the standing seams.

Other insulation used as inner-face layer to extend panel temperature range:

Fiberglass Board 3# 4.55 R-value per inch up to 1,000° F
Mineral Wool board 4# 4.0 R-value per inch up to 1,200° F
Calcium Silicate block 2.63 R-value per inch up to 1,200° F
Foamglas block 3.45 R-value per inch -450° to 900° F

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