Chemical Storage Tanks

Tarsco provides many dry and liquid tank products for chemical storage. We address the necessary factors for a stored chemical product – operating temperature, operating pressure/vacuum, corrosion issues, purity, operating environment, construction materials, codes, thermal expansion, chemical resistance and appropriate design standards.

Tarsco Chemical Storage Tank features:

  • Custom Slope Hoppers are available for the desired discharge pattern in “dry” chemical storage hopper tanks.
  • Flat bottom and slope bottom designs for liquid chemical applications
  • For dry chemical storage, funnel flow and mass flow designs are available.
  • Construction Materials for liquid chemical storage include: 304 stainless, 316 stainless, 316L stainless, coated carbon steel, ECTFE, FEP/PFA, FRP (Polyester, Vinylester, Furan Composites), Hi-Alloys, MFA, PVDF, Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, Polyethylene, TFM
  • Specification capabilities: ASME-RTP-1, ASTM D-4099, ASTM 3-3299, AWWA D120, ASME Section VIII Div. I, 3A Dairy, BS 4994, API 620, API 650, API 12B, API Principles, AWWA D103-97, NFPA-22, NFPA-68, FM Approved, FM Principles
  • Field installation provided by direct in-house Tarsco installation crews.
  • We will design and install the foundation, the tank, the support structure and auxiliary equipment.
  • Tarsco is the competitive price leader for dry and liquid chemical storage tanks.

chemical storage tanks

Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks

Tanks for fire protection are in high demand due to increased regulations and insurance industry requirements. Tarsco Bolted Tank leads the fire protection tank construction field for the purpose of water storage.

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