Water desalination tanks are large tanks capable of storing and desalinating sea water to provide fresh drinking water to the city’s inhabitants. These tanks would be connected to the city’s plumbing and to the showers and baths. Water is desalinated in order to convert salt water to fresh water so it is suitable for human consumption or irrigation. Desalination is used on many seagoing ships and submarines. Desalination is focused on developing cost-effective ways of providing fresh water for use in regions where the availability of fresh water is becoming, limited.

Desalination of water is used in many states in the United States and many countries worldwide. Not only is desalination used for drinking water from the tap, but some states, such as Montana and California, are now using desalination for their state parks to provide bacteria-free drinking water to their wildlife, from water that may contain contaminants other than salt. New means of ionized desalination and nuclear desalination are in the near future.


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